Chicago III – Slow Moves

Bluetooth is such a technology of yesteryear. Naming your device, then finding images, audio, videos etc. then looking for the target device and then finally being able to send the files (that too at slow speeds) isn’t much appreciated by many. People wanted a change, and they needed it quickly. That’s when Lenovo made use of their ability of developing a file sharing software/app which would soon become one of the best (and most used) file sharing apps in the history. Yes, it is Lenovo’s SHAREit.

About SHAREit for Android:

Lenovo launched SHAREit Apk for android in China in 2012, and since then it has been released in more than 100 countries which include India, Russia, Indonesia, England etc. The app became an instant success because of the fact that it’s a lot faster (and more reliable) than Bluetooth or NFC. Before people knew the power of Wi-Fi Direct, they were quite satisfied with the speeds the aforementioned technologies provided.

But now, whenever it comes to sharing files, SHARE it is the name that comes to most of the people’s minds. As per online stats, one out of three people who own an Android smartphone, use this app today. But the question which arises is that, why are people so fancied over SHAREit? Why not any other app like Xender or SuperBeam? Well, the answer is quite simple – It is solely due to the simplicity and portability of SHARE it.

SHAREit can be found on most of the operating systems now. Be it Windows, iOS, Android or even Windows Phone, SHAREit is available (for free). So, download SHARE it today and experience high-speed data transfers on the go.

Features of SHAREit:

SHAREit apk comes loaded with features. Some of the well-known features of the app are

It is your one-stop app to share music, photos, videos and files across different platforms (with SHARE it installed on them). So, if you are an Android, iOS, Windows user, you can easily share stuff using SHARE it.

The app uses Wi-Fi Direct technology to share data, which makes it around 10 times faster than Bluetooth (Bluetooth 4.0 to be precise).

So, you won’t be getting frustrated with this app since transfers are made blazingly fast.
Another service of shareit is CLONEit, which duplicates contacts, messages, videos etc. from one device to another. So, no need to copy each and every content then transfer it to some computer/laptop and then using a USB cable transfer it back to your new device. Simply use CLONEit from your target device to your destination device and let it do the rest for you.

The best Bluetooth standard (Bluetooth 4.0) operates at a maximum speed of 25Mbps, whereas this app (using Wi-Fi Direct) operates at a maximum transfer speed of around 250Mbps. So, another big reason to start using SHAREit.

Gone are those days where you connect your device to a terminal and then using that transfer the file to another device using the same terminal. People want everything on-the-go, so this is it. Wireless transfer at its best.

SHAREit even has features like WebShare, which allows installation-free file sharing. So devices which do not support SHAREit (like Macs) can also receive files from a SHARE it enabled device.

SHAREit also allows you to connect to PCs which are on the same wireless network. So, no need to search for devices and establishing connections. Just connect SHAREit via the same wireless network and enjoy concealed, secured and 100% safe transfers using SHAREit.

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