How to Increase WiFi Router Speed – 192.168.l.254 IP Address!

Here is the Guide on How to Increase the Transmit Power of Any WiFi Router and also This guide describes various tips to help boost your Wi-Fi network

You change your home or office and ask your favorite Internet operator to install the service in your home, once installed you are ready to use the service waiting for your phone and your computer to navigate at supersonic speeds, but oh surprise! Your 192.168.l.254 router signal is very bad or does not reach the part where you are.

Generally the modems put by Internet providers are not the best in wireless terms, although with a cable connection things are different. If you have the possibilities, buy a router from a recognized brand.

When we use the Internet in constructions where there are many walls or “barriers” for the Wi-Fi signal, the speed at which you navigate can be affected. Usually the company asks you that the modem or router is in a high place and away from walls or obstacles that can obstruct the signal.

Today we will tell you how to increase the transmit power of your modem, that is, the signal that arrives from the router to your computer when you are connected by Wi-Fi.

The first thing we need is that you have a computer and your modem turned on and connected (either by cable or WiFi, although we recommend that it be cable).

Later we will need the IP address of the router, you can find it in the manufacturer’s manual or on the Internet, usually they start with 192.168.xx, the Xs indicate other specific numbers of each manufacturer and Internet provider although it is usually for modems of Telmex and for modems of Izzi or Totalplay.

Now we have to open a browser (we recommend Chrome, Firefox or Opera). Once inside the navigator we must write the IP address of your router in the address field and give Enter.

Now that we are inside the modem screen, it will ask for a User and a Password, for Telmex modems the user is predefined as TELMEX and the password is your Wi-Fi key composed of several numbers and letters. In the case of Totalplay the default user is root and the password is admin. Finally, in Izzi the reset default username is admin and the password is password. When you finish capturing this information you must give Enter or the Access button.

Once inside the system of the modem or router, we must find the part of the configuration of the wireless network, normally it says WLAN or WLAN Configuration, in each model it is different so in this case we can not specify exactly how it comes in your modem.

Within the configuration of WLAN will come an option that says transmission power or transmission power. Normally the routers are predefined at 50 percent of their power so they can save energy, you must upload it to the maximum so that the force with which it transmits is better and reaches more parts of your home or office.

Once with the maximum power you must save the configuration, there must be a button that says Save or Save.

Now you can leave the modem and voila, you must have better reception from this to your device.

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